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Since 1992, Mitocomunicazione has ignited the brand of the customers who have trusted in our agency. We have established our customers’ brand, developing its positioning. We are a complete and highly skilled communications agency with the professional know-how acquired in more than 13 years of actively working on planning, conception and design. We have generated a large amount of institutional and promotional works for all fields, both private and public.

“Quality” is an indispensable value on which Mitocomunicazione has succeeded in organizing its structure thanks to the work of its professionally-selected team. With specific creative, technical and marketing skills, we have defined a dynamic and versatile project methodology, which fits into the different necessity of target and budget.

Mitocomunicazione is capable of providing a specifically designed service for the different communications fields. Starting from an accurate analysis of the individual necessity and of the reference market, Mitocomunicazione creates new and effective ideas. Mitocomunicazione implements functional and winning custom-made solutions, which become a source of mutual satisfaction across passion, professionalism, commitment and punctuality, which the agency follows in every phase of the production cycle.

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